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   Prague is said to be the “heart of Europe” and is sometimes called the “mother of cities”. Over the centuries, people have invented such nicknames for Prague as the City of Hundred Spires, Golden Prague or Magic Prague- always celebrating its architectural and spiritual richness and its mystical attraction. You will discover the glorious history of this former imperial and royal city, which today is the lively and modern capital of the Czech Republic, at almost every step on Prague’s storied streets.

   Prague has always been a living organism, where over centuries all European architectural styles have appeared. Prague now boasts a totally unique and extensive historical city center, which since 1992 has been a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  At the ancient seat of Bohemian kings, you will encounter unique buildings from many architectural periods, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Today castle is the seat of the president of the Czech Republic, yet a large part of the complex is till open to the public.

St.Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most important church in Prague. Don’t miss the Art Nouveau window by Alfons Mucha, the Gotic tombs of Czech kings or the Chapel of St.Wenceslau, the patron saint of the nation. The Old Royal Palace served as the residence of Czech kings until  the 16th century. During the tour you’ll see the great Vladislav Hall with its magnificent late Gothic vaulting. The St.George Basilica enjoys renown as one of the oldest religious buildings in Central Europe. It was founded as early as 920, and with the exception of the façade, which was lavishly rebuilt in the Baroque style, it retains its Romanesque character.

   Panoramic views of Prague are truly breathtaking. When you look out over the city from the Prague Castle, you’ll see why it is called the City of a Hundred Spires- countless towers and the spires of churches and other buildings rise above. The tower of the Old Town Hall offers the most comfortable ascent- it is completely accessible by wheelchair. From the nearly 60-metre tower you will have a beautiful view of the Old Town Squire and the roofs of the nearby houses. The Petřín Tower, which is the youngest sister of the Eiffel Tower, has the most stairs- 299. It measures only 60 meters, but it is set in a beautiful location- on the top of Petrin Hill, which is popular with Prague residents as a place for walks. The Žižkov TV Tower affords the most distant views. Prague’s tallest structure (216 meters), it has a panoramic terrace from which on a clear day you can even see the peaks of the Krkonoše Mountains in the north-east Bohemia.

   Prague is a city tailor-made for romance. Evening strolls through the narrow streets in the glow of old street lamps, exploring half-forgotten nooks and corners of the Old Town, wandering through the blooming orchards on Petrin Hill, a boat ride on the Vltava River, a picnic on the grass along the river banks- all these romantic experiences are at your fingertips in Prague. Romantic Kampa is located in the Lesser Town, just bellow the Charles Bridge. Originally it was an island separated from mainland by the Čertovka mill race. Waterwheels can be seen to this day, as well as picturesque houses and small squares from which you can head to beautiful park land near the river. Other islands are also romantic- you can relax pleasantly on the grass on Střelecký (Shooting) Island- at sunset there is an especially breathtaking view of the National Theatre from here.  

   Prague is a city of legends and ghost stories. Some have their origins in medieval times, but many of the belong purely to the realm of fantasy. On your wanderings through Prague, let yourself become swept up in the old tales about headless knights, devils and wizards.  

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